Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Pressure Delivers a Crushing Blow

Business and pressure. Some would say the two are synonymous. Seldom does business exist without pressure. When sudden unexpected pressure collides with the best-built business or individual, the impact can deliver a crushing blow. However, slow, steady pressure over time, paired with the right elements creates diamonds.

Pressures come at us from every side. Demands on our time and resources are ruthless. Everyone wants a few minutes with us and rightfully so. People deserve and need our time and attention. We are constantly asked to reach into our pockets for a few more bucks. The bills are unrelenting. These kinds of pressures can and should cause us to analyze our resource management skills and strengthen the weaknesses we find there. Still, pressure delivers the opportunity to become stronger.
But at times, the pressure is too much. We can’t wrap our head around one thing because so many other concerns are legitimately pressing for our attention. Frustration builds until we are overwhelmed and begin to wonder if it’s worth it after all.

We should not be surprised when find ourselves becoming impatient and “out of sorts” with those we depend on the most. We are also not astonished to find that such outbursts, rather relieving the pressure, generally leave us with feelings of defeat for our lack of self-control. The aftermath of the anxiety from our actions leaves us dripping with guilt for having spilled our frustrations over the unsuspecting and undeserving people around us. Caught up in the moment, we don’t stop to evaluate whether the issues are important enough to demand the immediacy they have assumed. 

And yet, we are not crushed. Somehow, we reach deep inside and find that inner strength to sort out the chaos. We discern the important from the urgent. We identify those issues that became urgent through our emotional response or through a reaction to the emotional state of someone else. Life is less complicated when we deal with what is meaningful and prioritize the essential tasks, commitments and demands. We’ve been here before. We know it works. We just forget.
Reflect and know that you are stronger today than the last time you faced the same or similar insurmountable pressures. You will make it through again—only with better results this time. Some will, in time, give in and surrender to the pressure only to be completely crushed and thrown on the scrap heap. But not you. You are pressed, but not crushed!

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