Monday, February 16, 2009

Can You Help Me, Please?

I work hard to provide good customer service...even if I don't work at the place! I must have a friendly face (or look like I belong in the mall) because I often have people stop me and ask questions.

"Excuse me, where did you get that pretzel?"
"Auntie Anne's...and they've got amazing hot dogs there as well. Have you ever had one of them? They are located in the food court near Chic-fil-a."

"Where did you get that coat? It's beautiful!"
"I got it at Bebe. They're having a great sale now. You ought to check it out."

"Where is Victoria's Secret?"
I guess they figure I would know since I closely resemble the "Angels" they are accustomed to seeing on TV. So, I, of course, proceed to explain that I love the new line of bras that just came out. And, by the way, go left at the center court and it is the third store on the right.

On the other hand, when I ask a question, this is the more likely response:

"Can you tell me if you have.." "No."
"It's a little box that gift..." "No."
"They are about this size and... "No. We don't have them." End of discussion.
I go exploring on my own and, guess what...I find what I need within 25 feet of the 'salesperson.'

I was in Costco the other day and bought some shampoo and conditioner that indicated there was a $2 coupon I could use for each of them. That's 4 bucks! So I figured it was worth a little effort.

I left my half full cart where it was and went to the customer service desk. I quickly asked the customer service lady (just before she motioned for the next customer) if I could ask a quick question. She granted me permission. "Do you have a coupon brochure that I can have?" "Yes," she answered, "but you'll have to wait until I take care of this gentleman." So I stand calmly as as she takes literally 7 1/2 minutes (I timed it) to answer his question.

Then she turns to me. "May I help you?" "Yes. I need a coupon." "Oh, yeah." In one nano second, just one...she reached down and handed me the coupon book.


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Anonymous said...

And to think you pay for membership there for that wonderful customer service. What a concept

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